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Listening is one of the basic skill which is very important to support the other English skills. Most of the students are not interested in listening. It is because the teacher do not use intersting activity in teaching listening. So the students are difficult to comprehend what they listen. Teaching listening through Clusters game is one of the way that can be used. Clusters game helps the students to comprehend what they listen and it encourages the students to pay attention more to the material given, especially in finding informations from the text. The aim of the research is to improve students’ listening comprehension through clusters game. The participants of the research is the first grade students of SMP N 10 Bogor. The method of the research is classroom action research which had been done in two cycles. The goal of the research is 90% of the students get the score 70 as a standard score. After the treatment, the result shows that in the first cycle post-test, there are six students got good criteria (15%), eight students got fair criteria (20%), 26 students got poor criteria (65%). It can be concluded that the cycle should be continued to the next cycle. In the second cycle, the result shows that there are five students (12.5%) got excellent criteria, nine students (22.5%) got very good criteria, 22 students (55%) got good criteria and four students (10%) got poor criteria. It means that the goal of this research had been reached because 90% or 36 students got score ≥70. The result indicates that teaching listening through clusters game is effective to improve students’ listening comprehension.

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