Ridha Hasti Wardani


The title of the research is ‘Improving Students’ Vocabulary Mastery through Make a Match’. The aim of the research is to improve students’ vocabulary mastery through Make a match. The research was conducted in SDN Mulyaharja 1 Bogor, from 4th May until 4th June 2012. The participant of this research is the third grade students (3A) consisting of 25 students. The method of this research is Classroom Action Research (CAR) that was done in two cycle processes. The data show in the first cycle, twelve students were still in poor criteria (48%), ten students belongs to fair criteria (40%), one student belongs to good criteria (4%), one student belongs to very good criteria (4%), and one student belongs to excellent criteria (4%).  Data from observation also show that  the students had difficulties using Make a match. The students were confused, but after they understood the procedure of Make a match, they enjoyed it. The result of the first post-test shows there are some improvements of students’ vocabulary mastery after the treatment.  It indicates that the treatment should be continued to the second cycle. In the second cycle two students belong to poor criteria (8%), thirteen students belong to fair criteria (52%), four students belong to good criteria (16%), three students belong to very good criteria (12%), and three students belong to excellent criteria (12%). The result of the second cycle shows that Make a Match improves students’ vocabulary mastery.

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