Writing is one skill that plays important rule in education. Through writing students can be creative in showing everything that they keep in their mind in the written way. Some of them have difficulties in developing their ideas, especially to summarize the text. The teachers can use many strategy in teaching writing that can help the students solve their problems. Therefore, the writer conducted the research about The Effect of Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) Strategy on Students’ Ability to Summarize The Text. The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategy on students’ ability to summarize the text. The writer used quasy experimental design control group pre-test post-test, so there are two groups in this research. The result of this research shows that tcomputed for summarizing the text is 0.51 with df 68 while the result of ttable in the level of significant t0.05 = 1.671 and t0.01 = 2.390. It can be shown that 0.51<1.671 and 0.51<2.390. it means that tcomputed is lower than ttable, so the alternative hypthesis Ha is rejected and null hypothesis Ho is accepted. Therefore, the writer concludes that there is no effect of Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategy on students’ ability to summarize the text.

Sevty Purwaningsih


Writing is communicative act that transmits information and links people together. It is also a media to express someone’s thoughts, feeling, experiences, reflections, and evaluations. However, in some reasons there are many students find it difficult to write. The research is intended to prove whether there is an effect of narrative poetry in motivating the students to write narrative text. The research was conducted to the eleventh grade students of SMAN 1 Dramaga. There are 222 students that are divided into six classes consisting of science and social classes. Random sampling technique used to get only two classes of science class. The classes are chosen based on the average value of English that have been obtained previously. The experimental and control group were given pre-test at the beginning of the study, and given the treatment four times at different times, while the post-test is given when at the end of the research activities. The result of writing test was calculated by t-test. The result of t-test is 3.28 and the degree of freedom (d.f) is 64. Based on the t-table, the value of t-test for d.f = 64 at α = 0.05 level of significance is 1.67 and at α = 0.01 level of significance is 2.39. The result of t-test with t-table is 1.67 < 2.39 < 3.28. It means that alternative Hypothesis (Ha) is accepted and null hypothesis is rejected. As the result, it can be concluded that narrative poem can be used as alternative way to motivate in writing a text.

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